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Six Things to Know about Maternity Wear for any Expecting Mother

Maternity Wear.

Just the sound of the words evoke a big sigh. Not that I didn’t love being pregnant. I mean, what’s not to love? The swollen boobs, the constant need to pee, the chronic heartburn….I digress. When you are growing a tiny human inside of you, the last thing you want to think about is what to wear – especially since your body is changing at the speed of light. (Well, not really, but kinda.)

HELP is on the way, my dear! This post is created with love and empathy from a mama who knows how it is to want to still look cute at times and be comfortable while growing a baby.


My first recommendation is to take stock of what you already have in your closet! If you are in the first – second trimester, you may be able to squeeze into your existing leggings for a time OR if it’s summer time and you have acquired some stretchy maxi dresses or tunic style dresses, this is a great time to convert them into “bump-friendly” wear!

Have a swimsuit coverup or kimono from last summer? These are a great way to add a lightweight and fun accessory to any outfit. With as flowy and forgiving as they normally are, it’s a wonderful option to include in your now “maternity” wardrobe.


First off, as your body is changing, it is VITAL to have properly fitting undergarments. Invest in a few well-fitting bras. It would even benefit you to go to a department store (Dillards, Belks, Nordstrom to name a few options) and get measured periodically over the course of your pregnancy. There’s nothing like sitting at work or at church for a matter of time and having an ill-fitting bra digging into your ribcage when you have a little human doing the same thing from the inside. I know – it may not seem like something you want to invest in because chances are that you will only wear them for a few months at a time, but I can assure you – it’s worth it for your sanity and comfort level.


Depending on what trimester you are in currently and what seasons you will go through during your pregnancy will determine what type of clothing you are in need of. If you are going to carry through the fall and winter months, you will need to have a few great pairs of maternity jeans, some tunic-style sweaters, cardigans, and a coat. If you are going to be carrying your baby through the Spring and Summer, you will need dresses and skirts.

Recommendations for these items:

Maternity Jeans – OLD NAVY

Tunic Style Sweaters – OLD NAVY, Target, Walmart

Coats – Pinkblush Maternity (online) OR find a local consignment or resale shop in your area.

Dresses/Skirts – OLD NAVY, Target, Walmart, Pinkblush Maternity

Tank tops – Target (they have a line of nursing tanks that are great during pregnancy AND post-partum)

Leggings – Old Navy


Try to avoid buying shoes during your pregnancy, unless you need to go up a size due to swelling. Your feet will change a bit post-baby and while you are pregnant you will probably be in either UGGS or flip flops (again depending on the season). Comfort is KEY!

5. SET A BUDGET – and stick to it!

Since this is a temporary season, try to set a budget and stick to it. You may keep your maternity clothes for the next pregnancy, but it may not be in the right season so chances are likely that you may wear these items 6-12 months tops.

OH YES, you will wear maternity clothes once you have the baby, too. Maternity jeans are the BEST thing ever post-partum to hold everything in and SO comfortable! (This is a little secret from all moms…..we all wish we could wear maternity jeans forever!) Check with local moms’ groups in the area you live and see if anyone is selling their gently used items OR if you can resell any of yours, I promise you that you will make a sweet pregnant mama the happiest camper ever!

6. ENJOY, mama…

You may have heard it a thousand times already, but I promise these days will pass by so quickly. You may be hurrying them by because all you want to do is snuggle that beautiful little creature that is growing inside of you; but I can assure you – they will be here before you know it. And they were easier inside the belly! Hahaha….(I’m not kidding, sorry.) You may feel like burning most items of clothing during this time, but no matter what you wear you are beautiful. You are in a season of life that not everyone experiences and it is magical. So think of yourself as a unicorn – because you are. Enjoy it, mama.

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